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Thanks for testing, but mine is not an “S” model. Just a regular C2960, so I am suspicious that could be the reason it worked for you and not me. If you wouldn’t mind, could you issue a “sh int” and “sh cont util” for me roughly 5 minutes after you start the iLive? (The counters are averaged over a 5 minute span).

I have done just that with Wireshark and opened a support case with A&H and it seems like the switch is dropping frames. The “sh cont util” indicates the controllers are running at 100% for those ports, yet the traffic is well below the spec sheet both for total bandwidth and packets per second.

I have contacted everybody I know: A&H, Cisco support forums, my boss at work, my company’s network consultant, and the Cisco Networking Academy at my local community college. Everybody is out of ideas.