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Hey Jeff,
I tried out the ACE over a Cisco switch tonight. A new C2960S-24TD-L right out of the box… worked like a champ with no dropouts. I went thru later and configured it without the protocols as recommended in that ACE pdf i referenced before. No change, all still worked.

Are you familiar with WireShark?
Setup a mirrior port on the switch and have WireShark monitor the traffic. If nothing else perhaps the A&H
engineers might be able to give you some insight as to what happening (or not happening).

For completeness sake here’s my testing setup: I have a 3 MOTU 896HD Firewire I/O units hooked up to a mac mini with a 24 channel Multi-track session. I used this as a virtual sound check hooked up via analog out of the MOTU to my iDR32.
– ACE connection over CAT 6 (250′ of it) to a T112 surface.
– tannoy reveal 601a powered speakers (2x) connected to the TRS outputs on the surface.
– Marantz 661 recorder hooked up to the SPDIF output on the surface configured for the mains to record the tested audio.

After verifying that everything was working I inserted the new 2960 between the iDR32 and T112 using a new 15′ cat6 cable from the iDR32 to the 2960 and the same 250’cat6 from the switch to the T112. Once the surface connected to the MixRack everything went smoothly. I ran the test for 30 minutes in each setup. After I reconfigured the switch i only tested it for about 5 minutes since it was working ok.

I know this doesn’t verify if individual channels drop out but I’m familiar with the source material enough that i would spot if something had dropped for any period of time. The switch did report a few dropped packets of the 30 minutes but it was on the order of 50 for the full 30 minutes. I did not inspect it to see if it might have been some “network” traffic or if it was audio.

Hopefully this can be of some help to someone.