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I have just experienced the same thing last night. Have over 40 successful events to date until during setup last evening the desk froze and screen gives I/O error messages for awhile before blacking out entirely. Hard power reset and reboot brought it back to life, but made for an uncomfortable show due to concerns of repeat lockups mid performance. I noticed that the upper USB port wouldn’t read my thumb drive yet the lower port did. Was loading some library files from the drive to individual inputs at the time of crash. Reading all these reports makes me think there is a problem with the new firmware update and its I/O interface with the USB. Perhaps something more sinister? A virus from a competitor? No, but seriously, besides that issue last night the desk has functioned flawlessly. Any clues for a fix or work around to avoid potential disruption of an entire live show? And, since I am venting a bit, where the heck is the iPad app? Dammit… See pic for screen shot of error logs.

Ps – ok, just tried to upload a screen shot and get this HTML response, 500 – Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Awesome work dudes…

“Can I get some talent in the monitor, please.”