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I’m interested and I have some questions. I appreciate any additional information. So that I might avoid this disruption.

Is this after the update to 1.1?

How many tracks were you recording?

Was the scene save done during recording or during a break?

Have you contacted local distribution or A&H corporate tech support yet? What did they say?

I’m guessing some condition of the scene file reacting with the recording software is the root issue in this story.

It seems that a hard reboot (using the power switch or pull the mains cable) forcing the unit to completely rebuild it’s software o/s is the only thing that clears a vapor lock condition. I’m certain that tech support would never encourage a user to yank the plug. I of course, have never done such a thing with an expensive piece of electronics gear (cough, cough, look at my shoes)[;)]

Best of luck with your work.