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I did a little searching and found in the FAQ section of the Understanding ACE pdf this paragraph:


1. Some IEEE layer 3 & 4 protocols can interrupt ACE data or cause audible clicks. We recommend turning of layer 3 & 4 functions in a managed switch or use a
layer 2 switch. The following protocols can interfere with ACE: Spanning Tree, Tagged egress packets, Broadcast storm protection. No other network devices can
be plugged into a switch carrying ACE data unless a dedicated VLAN is set up exclusively for ACE.
2. Suitable managed switches are: Netgear FSM726S, Level One GSW-0841 Web Smart switch (with fibre optic option).

I have a netgear switch that I’ve played around with in the past sending ACE over it and had no issues. That wasn’t in a live setup but still, virtual sound check could be just as demanding on it.

Make sure your Cisco doesn’t have some of these protocols enabled and try it again. Please share your findings.

EDIT: Here’s the link to the ACE pdf: https://www.allen-heath.com/UK/CategoryDocuments/Understanding%20Ace%20-%20rev%2018dec12.pdf