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Hi Jeff

What sort of problems are you having? I run ACE over a fibre optic link which works fine once it’s made the connection. I use Yellobrik OBD 1510 E which is a 4 port switch with 2 ports at either end of a 150m fibre link. I say “once it’s made the connection” because the big issue is failing to connect (T112 surface to IDR48 rack). I’ve had big problems getting it to actually make the connection… I often have the surface fail to connect to the mix rack or sometimes I get a “connected”, but with dodgy audio at the surface – clicks etc. Reseting network addresses sometimes sorts it out and once it connects ok, it works perfectly. I’m talking with my dealer and A&H to try to work out what’s going on, but I’d be very interested to hear what sort of problems you are experiencing.

One interesting fact is that it always (100% never fails) connects over the Network link. Sadly, I need surface audio so I have to use ACE.

IDR48 – T112 – Dante card