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Hi Bert,

In iLive pre version 1.9, with multicast on, and mutiple ipads connected, the behaviour if one client roams out of range depends on the Access Point. Almost all A/P’s cause the clients still in range to disconnect. The Cisco we recommend limps on but there is a noticeable drop in performance and eventually it stops working all together.

In 1.9 without multicast and mutiple clients connected almost all A/P’s again will drop the clients still in range, but the Cisco will not. I.E it works correctly – all roaming clients still in range remain connected.

So in short, no iLive didn’t avoid these issues by using multicast.

As for affecting the surface, sending the metering over TCP (The old old method) can cause the threading in the Rack to pause during the time the client is out of range. This is why we switched to multicast. But as we can’t identify an access point which works well with mutiple clients roaming in and out of range, we’ve switched to straight UDP.

Using UDP this thread lock should not exist, and it shouldn’t affect the surface or GLd too badly.

Hope this helps.