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I had the Presonus 24.4.2 for about 18 months, and had used three different routers with its superb app.

    Netgear DG834 – good for a cheap router but with limited range.

  • Sweex 2T3R – brilliant for a £20 bulletproof router with better range than the Netgear

  • Belkin N450 DB PLay – stupendously good router – available cheaply on belkin

On one occasion I had 6 iPads (4 on stage, 2 covering front of house), and 6 iPhones (all on stage) controlling the entire setup, with not even the slightest hint at a drop on this routers.

Hopefully the same will apply with the A&H app, but we’ll have to wait and see. They all worked brilliantly with the presonus app, which covers 24Channel feedback for the main mix, individual mix control over 10 aux outputs, 31 band channel feedback via the live live RTA to app.

hope this helps from another perspective perhaps.

A&H GLD80, AR2412 & Dante Card x 2
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