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Originally posted by shuahughes
Sadly, one of the churches who was very keen on the iLive system I proposed to them , is now leaning heavily toward an X32…. :(

It just a part of the puzzle, but honestly which costs more, providing a free app, or missing out on MixRack sales….?

Wait you’re complaining GLD is too expensive?!

The only, only manufacturer that makes digital consoles from $2k to $60k is Yamaha. Cheapest AVID is $20k, cheapest Midas is $10k, cheapest A&H is $8k.

If your client is considering an X32 reliability and feature set can’t be very important to them. I don’t mean that disparagingly, there’s plenty of churches that threat audio as an afterthought, or simply don’t need fantastic EQs or dynamics, ‘any old plugin’ will do.

A&H has never targeted that market. Their small analogue mixers are still very good quality, and still more expensive than big B’s.

GLD is 75% of iLive for 50% the cost, its an amazing deal. Anything less expensive would just be silly.

I too wish I could buy a set of Earthworks Piano Mics for $400, but I also understand why that’s never gonna happen

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