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Is the Dante card for the MEU the same as the Dante card for the mixer, or is it a different card?

The ME-U uses the same Option Cards as can be used with iLive and GLD.


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Do you know the spec for the PoE? Which standard (voltage etc) does it comply with?

Yes, the ME-1 is compliant with IEEE 802.3af (802.3at Type 1), and uses 13 Watts at the switch when using the maximum 100 meters of cable. The Wikipedia article on PoE has a lot of information on the details of this standard, but you should just be able to look for “802.3af” in the features list. Remember to divide the total PoE power rating for the switch by 13, to see how many ME-1 units it can power. Also, many switches have PoE available on only a selection of their RJ45 sockets.

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