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Originally posted by songweaver

Ok, I just updated to the new 1.1 firmare for the GLD-80 for our church and I didn’t realize I had to backup my scenes. … We used the old settings from our old board to use as a template for the GLD-80. However, I can’t seem to find those.

Hi Jordan,
You say you used the old settings. How were these stored? Did you attempt to recall them as Scenes or as a previously archived Show memory?

Please refer to the Firmware Update Instructions’ document available on the download page for the new firmware:

Note 3: Updating firmware restores the console parameters to factory default. If you want to keep your current settings then go to the Setup / Memory / Show Manager screen and store them as a Show memory before starting the update. Recall the show after you have updated your firmware

Current settings and all Scenes are cleared when you update the firmware. However, Show memories should still be available. Have you checked that there is not a User Show with these settings saved, or one stored to a USB key?

If you are starting again from scratch then I recommend you store your settings when done as a Scene and also store a User Show both to the GLD and to back up on your computer via a USB key.
Hope that helps,