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What do I set the outputs under the I/O Port OUT tab to if I want to record from the AR2412 / AR804 / GLD80 for the first 32 channels on the desk in a live gig scenario (As far as I think it is Input Direct out)

It seems like the best place to pull from would be directly off the input socket for each of the inputs. However, it is also possible to pull off the direct outs from each channel as well. You will just need to make sure the direct out pick point is set to Post-PreAmp.


How Do I make sure I am recording the Post-Preamp but Pre-EQ/Dynamics/effects Signal – Its really important that i am recording post preamp pre-dynamics

This can be done on the Routing page via the DIR OUT SRC pull-up tab at the bottom of the screen.


What do I set the inputs under the I/O Port IN tab to if I want to Playback the audio from Logic 9 to the first 32 channels on the desk

Assuming you have all of the outputs patched correctly in Logic and the Dante Contol Software, you would simply choose the appropriate Channel Name associated with each of the inputs.

Hope this helps!

Scott Morgan