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Hi Jonny,
the global source for direct out can be selected on the routing page as a pull-up menu at the bottom.
There you can select the direct out point.
You might want to choose Post-Preamp ot (one step further) Post-HPF.
The Dir. out can be at a different point in the chain than the Insert, which itself is fixed between Gate and Eq.

this is described on page 15 of the screen reference guide.
You`ll find it as document #8 under:

For playback (virtual soundcheck) I´d propose this:
connect logic’s 32 tracks to Dante 1-32 output channels and then
choose the same channels from i/O as your inputs on the GLD.
Make sure to switch off logic’s direct monitoring or you`ll get a feedback as you stop the playback.
You might even make scenes where everything is recall safe exept this patch, so you can quickly jump back and forth from virtual to real inputs.

Not in front of my GLD at the moment, but I think we did it like this before.