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The training videos on youtube are pretty darned good – I think they are great, Leon Phillips, Nicola Beretta and the team did a great job!

They are however a little to fast… seems to be what most people think.
Most users that I have shown them too so far when talking them through my desk… have found them hard to follow without haveing to be in front of the desk and pressing the pause button every few seconds.

The videos that do exist however do fill up the huge gap left by what should have been an instruction manual. The manual that comes with the desk is tiny.

The best manual I ever read has been the presonus 24.4.2 manual – their manual is amazing, and their user forums phenomonal with weekly Tuesday night web streamed live video of loads of different features – still worth watching even if you don’t have a presonus.

We look forward to your tutorials friend!


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