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We need 16 separate output aux channels though, because it is a personal mixer system where each person creates their own mix.

I think the idea is that the Aviom output module essentially gives you another 16 output sockets.

The way it works if I understand correctly is that you take the 16 direct outs (or auxes or any combination of the two) you want available in your IEMs and route them out of your monitor cat5 port. The Aviom output module then breaks them out into 16 analog signals that plug into the Behringer system.

In principle there’s probably some sort of Dante-to-analog converter that would do something similar, though that’s purely a guess on my part.


You get an additional 16 outputs which can be freely assigned.

I use 8 stereo auxes. But if i need to free more mixes, than i change it to 8 mono. I send the auxes to output 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 and 15, and i create a overall monitor mix and assign them to 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 and 16. change the beltpacks to mono, and the balance button on the beltpack becomes the balance between the overall mix and private aux.

With the AR84 you only get 4 additional outputs instead of the 16 with an aviom. Could come in handy for analog recording or loads of other things.

And by the way, please have a look at second hand aviom modules ;) I bought mine for $400. (please be aware that you need a new version of the output modue. You can contact aviom or AH to verify it wil. I have a V4 and works like a charm!)

GLD all the way ;)