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I Think these claims has roots in the fact that livesound today are just up to higher standards. All shows I watch sound much better than 15 years ago, and digital desks has helped us bring some things from the studio into the live world – more processing and more well balanced and even mixes. It’s great!!

But it also means that people need more and more tools to shape their sound, and this is why we see people “needing” dynamic EQ. And to be fair the 901 has been here for ages, so I don’t think it’s silly to ask for. But the fact that it is now available in the cheap ilive system is pretty impressive. I love this system, but it has its good and bad sides. I would have loved to see a better compressor and preamp, though they are certainly as good as most other desks. But when you’ve handled a Vi6 or any Vi desk you hear those to things instantly. Brilliant preamp and absolutely fantastic compressor.

And yeah, I had hoped for something a little more sturdy and solid feeling for the money I paid for the R72. I’m careful with my gear though :)