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That is just plain and simply not correct.

The demand for a steeper lowcut has nothing to do with genres, it has to do with how you mix. I do mixes that sound like a record, not mixes that does the job. In order to do that in a live situation, you need a much more clear, processed and well-defined bottom end, since you are not mixing for a home stereo. I have no problem with 6 or 12db LPF, but they belong in my studio :) Yamaha LS9 has the same old-school lowcut, that forces you to use the lowest parametric band to clear things up properly.

Weird that people seem offended by this. I just want to make a good desk great, and this along with a better limiter is what’s missing. And pro looking T surfaces – I dont mind the workflow on the surfaces, but I certainly do understand why people are skeptic, it feels like you’re handling a fisher-price console.