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Thanks and yes I realize we’ll need a 2nd mix rack (thus the idr0 or idr16) but really it comes down to keeping in the A&H domain or transporting via Dante, etc. The biggest issue is our stage mix rack must have the MMO card for Aviom and so if I’m adding a 2nd mix rack then I’m thinking use A&H audio/control to get to the studio and have the benefits of the mix rack in the studio too. There’s almost too many options to consider which I guess is a good thing! Just wondering what others were doing for a video/studio and FOH split – not unlike monitor split for most use cases.

If that’s the case Dante is certainly the way to go. If you ever find you want to do multitrack for non-live recording mixes all you need is a computer + daw software (dante virtual sound card) and its just a few $$ more than other protocols. Also more and more video transport is being done over Dante (dante is protocol neutral, meaning just like bit torrent, the content doesnt matter)

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