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Thanks and yes I realize we’ll need a 2nd mix rack (thus the idr0 or idr16) but really it comes down to keeping in the A&H domain or transporting via Dante, etc. The biggest issue is our stage mix rack must have the MMO card for Aviom and so if I’m adding a 2nd mix rack then I’m thinking use A&H audio/control to get to the studio and have the benefits of the mix rack in the studio too. There’s almost too many options to consider which I guess is a good thing! Just wondering what others were doing for a video/studio and FOH split – not unlike monitor split for most use cases.


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Hey Jonathan,

From your description, you might be under the impression a Mixrack can power two surfaces at the same time, which isn’t the case.

For your situation what would make the most sense would be to purchase an iDR 16 and whatever T surface you’d like, and then use a digital split standard (Dante, Ethersound, etc) to transport your audio. If you arent’ interested in digital split compatibility, you could use ACE and keep everything in the A&H domain.

Hope this helps

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