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Hey, one more problem. Does anyone have a solution?

We are currently running iLive T112 with iDR 48 with no cards in port B, surface is connected with the ace port, wireless router (tl wdr4300) is set up as to network port, there is notebook connected to network port at

Router is making a DHCP server till 200, all security is OK.

I am usin iPad 3 wifi only, with iOS 6.0.1 which is running the Mixpad app without any problems everywhere.
We do have an iPad 4, wifi + 3g, same iOS, same account, same application, which has serious droupouts like every five to ten minutes. Ive spread the word around and it seems that we are not the only ones, who have these problems with new iPad.
We have tried almost everything (a 1 solution, restarts, reinstals) and nothing helped.

Thanks for every helpful hint.

iDR 48
iPad3 + TL-WDR4300