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This post was very helpful to set up routing on my GLD80 to Hearback system. I am having an issue though that generates a question. Is there a limit as to length of CAT5 cable between the MMO card and a Hearback hub? When connecting MMO to HB hub with a 6-10ft Cat 5, no problem, but if I use my 100ft cat 5, no synch.
If I use a short cat5 between MMO & to a HB hub at the console, then out the HB hub via 100ft cat 5 to another HB hub at the stage, no problem.
The 100ft cable synchs D-link between console and staqe fine. (I have 2 100ft cat5’s in a sheath, one for HB, one for d-Link).
Is there a weakness in the MMO signal from the HB audio out that it can only travel short distances?
Anyone have experience with this?