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I’d go ahead and buy it. [;)] None of the problems you’ve had are specific to the GLD so you’d have the same sort of learning curve all over again with a different console. (but possibly on a less helpful forum [:)] )
Reading the forums about units freezing up is making me get cold feet. Asking the church to invest $10K is scary. With analog, you generally don’t have a single failure point. The iLive has been around for longer, does it have a better track record?

There was no problems with the console, just a green operator, but a very helpful forum pushed me in the right directions.


You probably could insert an FX unit on an aux send if you wanted to though…

Not necessary, GLD has many internal FX.

Did you get the recording problem sorted out?

I figured it out this morning work with the middle school praise band. There was an i/o assignment error. Now I have control using the record aux and it is also post fader. I’m becoming dangerous [:D]


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