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I have the Dante card in the idr48 feeding a core2duo Mac
Mini. I only use it to track. Don’t think it would be able to run very many plugs at a low buffer to be unnoticeable. And I don’t want to buy/build a rig until I know it’s at least feasible to get super low latency going. I have no doubt I can build a rig to run a good amount efficient plugs at the lowest possible buffer. I’ve read that the DVS adds a fair amount of latency. Hoping the PCIe card is super stable and combined with a powerful computer would make the already great ilive even more flexible. Just don’t want to he the trailblazer here. ;)

T112/48, MacBook Pro, D-link DIR-815, iPad 1 w/mixpad, Dante card feeding a Mac Mini w/DVS.