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I’d go ahead and buy it. [;)] None of the problems you’ve had are specific to the GLD so you’d have the same sort of learning curve all over again with a different console. (but possibly on a less helpful forum [:)] )

A good thing to remember is that your GL3300 and the GLD are both essentially the same thing and work largely on the same concepts. A subgroup is a subgroup an aux is an aux etc, you just have a lot more flexibility in digital and the “outboard” gear is now internal.

You probably could insert an FX unit on an aux send if you wanted to though…

It’s been a week since I saw the GLD, you can assign an aux to the mains can’t you? Doing this would burn up a mix out though, so it wouldn’t achieve much.

What you might want to do is assign your FX returns to LR, set them at unity, and then take them off the surface in strip assign.

Did you get the recording problem sorted out?