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Hi! There is basically one answer only :-) DANTE. Easy setup and up to 64 Channels. Cheers Mike
check out here:

To Dobbs Craft,

Dante is a great answer but there are other iLive options.

Dante is very full-featured. And you will need a full-featured computer (including a 64 bit OS) to take advantage of all those features. For about $900 less than the Dante, A&H offers the Mini Multi-Out card which includes three lightpipe outs. Your church could then buy a used Alesis HD24 for around $500, three lightpipe cables for $50 or so, round up some spare IDE hard drives and start recording up to 24 channels of 24 bit audio at 48k. The sound you get via the the Mini Multi-Out card should be pretty much the same as the sound you get via the Dante, only fewer channels.

If you then decide to get ambitious, sell the Mini Multi-Out card, and add a Dante card when you need more than 24 channels. To be really ambitious, you could try to hang the HD24 off the dedicated Dante computer (via a soundcard with lightpipe outs and the right chipset) to do backup recording of the most important 24.



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