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Aviom chained off the monitor port and the ME chained off the expansion port of the mixrack

Yes, this will work. The ‘Monitors’ port can be set to either ‘Aviom™ mode’, or ‘ME-1 mode’.

In Aviom™ mode, the Monitors port outputs a 16-channel Aviom™ A-net compatible stream, which will work with the A-16ii personal monitor mixer. The ME-1 is also able to work with 16-channel Aviom™ A-net, but obviously the A-net protocol does not transmit channel names, and is limited to 16 channels only.

In ME-1 mode, the Monitors port outputs the same exact packets that are being transmitted out of the other dSnake/Expander ports in the GLD system. The ME-1 will pick up channel name information and the full 40 channels when connected to any of these ports. The stereo linking information, which is set in the GLD I/O Setup page ‘Monitors’ tab, is in fact transmitted out of all the dSnake/Expander ports, along with the channel name information.


Very interesting that they both announced their personal mixers on the same day! coincidence?

Yes, this is a coincidence. Since the A360 has only just been released, I cannot be sure how it will work with GLD or ME-1. Since it is backwards compatible with the A-16ii, my guess is that it would work using the first 16 channels of the Monitors port, with the Monitors port set to Aviom™ mode. I very much doubt that it would be able to pick up more channels than this from a normal dSnake stream, as this is a totally different protocol.

Without having seen a Pro16e analogue input device, I don’t know if the ME-1 would work with this. You would have to assume that it does not, until it had been tried out.

Hope that helps.

– Jeff, A&H