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…It may be worth noting that V1.9 did add some of the work that would be necessary for dual surface…

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for this info. It’s a relief to read your comments on this subject. Good to know that some developments in this direction were done already.

I personally would be very interested in the ‘control only’ option for a FOH-MON split where a user limits himself to 32 channel use.
Not only a poor man’s solution, but less gear, less cabling, which sometimes is just what we are looking for :-)
I’d honestly consider buying a second surface only for that reason. Happy to share PAFL, TB I’ll use a normal input channel for that. Completely no audio to the MON desk would even be ok as my MON guy would be sitting next to the MixRack.

Multitouch editor would also be a game changer, but hey, you don’t earn anything with that at the moment. Personally I wouldn’t be offended if you’d add multitouch capability as a paid option to editor. Especially if the license model were linked to a single MixRack (with as many editors as needed) rather than a single copy of editor.

By the way, I had a nice talk to Allen&Heath people during ISE. (@Martijn)

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