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@clarocque – question B:Yes I do also! I would like to see a “controller only” boot mode so that a second surface could connect to a single mixrack with surface to provide more real faders/controls – that is the reason I went and developed my Mackie control (Logic)envirionment and also I suspect why many users have midi based controllers such as the BCF2000. On larger events/shows with high channel counts having extra control on independant surface layers becomes more important. The down side of these MIDI based setups is the need for a computer/Editor, midi interface, limited midi controller functions and the inability to access many mixer features, such as routing,channel processing control etc. While the MIDI parameters available for control in iLive and Editor have been expanded with past firmware version upgrades they would still have a long way to go to get anywhere near what a “Controller Only” surface mode could achieve. I would not be overly concerned if the Talkback and local I/O audio on the second surface wasn’t available (or had shared outputs), and a shared PAFL buss. The R72 for example would make an excellent sidecar controller – think 12 extra independent strips x 6 banks, 8 extra softkeys?, extra monitor/touch control, scene control… etc. Think of it as Editor but with real controls.

@ MrB – it’s not the number of possible strips available, but the number available on one layer that is more an issue when programming scenes on a Theatre style show. Take 30 or so radio mic systems + Orchestra and stage mic’s etc on a T112 where you want to program levels, DCA/Group assignments, monitor & FX levels then you end up needing to flip banks non stop and thats even if you use the soft keys to access aux’s/fx mix’s etc. Editor is a big help here to check things visually but I find it slower and less accurate to use with a mouse (oldish dude here!) Remember with a surface you can push up a bunch of channel faders at once using both hands, quickly get them very close to the correct levels, and store the scene. If on the other hand Editor was setup with a decent multitouch remodel then I’d be all over it on a large touchscreen! Might be a better option all round – A&H???


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