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What you’re forgetting are Talkback, PAFL, and those one-only features. Yes, there could be an option to drop a certain number of channels, but there’s pragmatic issues as well.

For example, two grabbing the same thing at the same time, the monitor engineer trying to EQ the snare, while the FOH engineer tries to as well…. its just crazy. You need a split, and iLive can’t magically double the number of channels.

Basically, if you need a 2nd console, you have the budget for a second iLive T. I see no reason why A&H would do this.

Could they? Probably, or something like it. would it be hard? yes. very.

iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad

Yes, but that is really more of a reason why it should not be done, rather than why it could not be done. The OP asked if it was even possible in hardware, which I think it might be.

Obviously, you would have to have some major software re-writes to support two independent surfaces or you would have to deal with sharing the same PAFL and talkback bus. The EQ example is already an issue with any kind of concurrent control (Surface, Editor, Mixpad, Onemix, Tweak). For some people, myself included, I would not mind having a second surface, such as an R72, as a small sidecar.

For most people, a second Mixrack with a digital split would still be the way to go.