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Lets use some round numbers, but lets say..
If a Rack costs $2900 and the iPad software costs $100 then a combo costs $3000, then what you are saying is the rack is overpriced by $100 and should really be priced at $2900 because the mixpad software is not worth anything.

Mmm, strange reasoning. I’d propose the opposite. Raising the price of the MixRack (which, if the total price level reflects value, is underpriced actually) and combining that with a near-zero cost app could actually raise sales.

Why? Not because there’s no value in the app, on the contrary. Because, you want your guest engineers to be able to also use the app, without starting to rent out iPads alongside your iLive gear. And yes, because dumb customers should be ‘sold’ iLive. If those dumb customers see a non-free app, then dumb customers are indeed scared away, which is a pity. So, yes, you have to fool dumb customers by including the app’s price or a multitude of that in the MixRack’s price :-)

And poor guest engineers? They will only invest in such an app if iLive were the standard console. Unfortunately, that ‘s not the case at this moment.

On the other hand. A&H has been quite kind with all of us, to give us a multiband and dynamic EQ for free. Never expected that…

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