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Outstanding!! I just received my CPU upgrade for the iDR10 a few days ago.

Since I’m running a dual-rack configuration, I’d really appreciate someone from A&H reviewing how things are set up today and give me an indication of whether changes are needed before I upgrade to v1.9.

Current configuration:
144 surface (RAB2 w/ACE, M-MMO in port B, and fullsize MMO card in A/B slots because I was going to have to deal with this in v1.83),
iDR-32 master w/ACE in Port B,
iDR10 slave (64 inputs, 8 outputs, RAB2 w/ACE & Dante)

(1) The Dante card is used to feed a nearly full complement of 64 channels from a combination of the two racks. Any concerns over Dante firmware version vs. v1.9?
(2) My ideal world would be to upgrade to v1.9 and then use both MMO cards in the surface for dual Aviom (or A&H ME!!) systems.

Thanks for the encouragement, Nicola! Eager to get v1.9 installed!