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I get your point MillSt, but you have missed mine.

Completely agree again.

iDR is visionary unlike any other console system but that fact is completely unknown to the market!

Let a fixed iDR-32 or iDR-24 without a surface be a really really good alternative in the sub 4000€ market. iDR’s are not overpriced I think, but companies on a budget should at least consider these consoles!

Provide a GLD-like surface for a sub-2700€ price on par with… yes X32! (I’m sorry if I name this one sometimes, but it’s bound to become a standard , whether we want this or not.)
That’s a challenge maybe but to be honest, explaining everybody that a thing that even doesn’t process any sound but just controls the mixer has to cost three times as much as a lowcost mixer with the sound processing builtin is even a bigger challenge. Large companies will like to have more than one controller anyway.

Adapt the firmware so at least two controllers can be used simultaneous to accomodate FOH-Monitor setups with one iDR. This is one of the amaaaaaaazing strenghts of the series!! This is one of the key differentiators!

Provide the tools in the firmware to make the best use of this.

Market the thing as waaaay better quality than any other console, and certainly waaaaaaay more flexible!! Which it is!
I’ve never ever seen or heard this in the A&H marketing, which is a shame. I think all users agree on the flexibility. For some of us, it’s even the main reason why we ever invested in iLive in the first place.

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