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I get your point MillSt, but you have missed mine.

The iPad app being free only sacrifices surface sales if you have that size budget to begin with.
I’m talking from the perspective of someone buying multiple small sub 10K systems.
I can get the Roland M200i so I have surface and iPad.
Or a PreSonus Studio Live but have to have a Laptop connected all the time…yuck
Or an X32, or an analogue system etc….

An iDR16 or iDR32 with Laptop setup and iPad control is an amazing solution.
It would compare much more favourably if the iPad app were cheaper and had these extra features.

A&H may loose a few surface sales, but my experience says those who want a surface still want a surface. The iPad or Laptop only market is different.
Maybe some surface owners do a small gig here and there without the surface, but they will still own one.

By not having the app free or cheaper, and adding the features I listed above, A&H are missing out on what I believe could be a big market. A much more significant chunk then the few potential surface sales missed. Apple could have worried about iPad sales eating into their laptop sales, but instead they made an amazing iPad product which way more then offset the decrease in Laptops sold!

You keep saying you get what you pay for.
That’s true, but I don’t believe you understand what my market segment is looking for.
A&H have the opportunity to take on the small market head on and thrash the opposition if only they would sieze the moment.