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Rexeltw –

I suppose this is the posting to which you refer:


I don’t feel it’s the obligation of Allen & Heath to try to provide you with access to every iLive system out there. If a person/business wants to divulge inventory, fine. I list my gear because I choose to, but I don’t do dry hires.

Revitalize the above posting or start a new one, and you and others will have the opportunity to participate. If you have personal need to find approprite gear, simply post here or elsewhere, such as Prosound Web, Soundforums Network, Facebook or wherever.

I would rather see A & H spend resources on improving product than trying to maintain and update inventory data of this type.


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It would take less than a day. Create a user-defined Google Maps where people could drop a pin with their inventory in pre-defined categories. Just want the A&H label on it

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