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PLEVRIER – Channels 45-46 and 47-48 are in use for me at the moment – for interval music, running off the RCA sockets on the console. This may change though.

Had the same issue. Since MP3 files (background music) are just stereo… I patched them into 42-43 and got rid of channel 43 on the surface after ganging them. For a few show I really need panning on stereo channels. This is the only way to do it for me.


I haven’t looked at recording onto USB at the moment – in my head I want to be creating a matrix mix and outputing to say 47-48… or have I got this completely wrong? I’m just talking off the top of my head here, I am going to be investigating the template show tonight to see how it hangs together.

You have to patch which output you want to record in the I/O screen. By default it is matrix out. Change it to Main L-R (most of the time)

GLD80 :-)