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OK – that coincides with what I can see.

Trouble is I have three stereo mixes from keys and that’s taking up a lot of real estate on the board. 3 faders as opposed to 6 would be a lot more useful.

JDH28 – that behaviour is exactly what I’m on about. It would appear that our “wants” for a stero channel are very similar.

PLEVRIER – Channels 45-46 and 47-48 are in use for me at the moment – for interval music, running off the RCA sockets on the console. This may change though.

I haven’t looked at recording onto USB at the moment – in my head I want to be creating a matrix mix and outputing to say 47-48… or have I got this completely wrong? I’m just talking off the top of my head here, I am going to be investigating the template show tonight to see how it hangs together.