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> Will the iPad app be free in the future to match GLD’s free app?

You guys are not getting it!!!

Price = Value = Price
I think you need to go back to school to learn economics.

The iPad app for the GLD can be free as it will not impact console sales at all.

If you own a GLD and you get the iPad app, then it doesn’t reduce future sales for A&H because you still have to take the GLD to the gig. It increases the value of the GLD but it doesn’t sacrifice sales.


If you own an IDR32 rack, then you might decide you don’t need an iLive surface for most of your gigs and you can get away just using the Laptop and an iPad or two and renting a surface if you need it. That option makes the iPad app EXTREMELY valuable as it potentially saves you many thousands of dollars.
You don’t get that same value with the GLD, the Roland, the , LS9, PM5d or just about every single digital mixer out there because you always need to buy a box with faders on it with those systems OR the mixer is the box with faders on it. That is a fundamental difference with the iLive that makes it so exceedingly awesome.

The iLive is one of the few systems on the market where not buying a surface is a genuine option.

That means, unlike all those competing systems, the MixPad app has to be commercially viable as a standalone product. Its not a giveaway and never will be unless A&H were mad. Consider yourself lucky that the Laptop software is free!!!

Think of it from A&H’s point of view.
If the iPad software was free, it would reduce the revenue they make from surface sales. Why on earth would they spend loads of money building a product that is going to make their business less profitable? The solution is to put a high price on the iPad software to recover the development cost and also make the surfaces look more attractive.

Its not rocket science guys its economics 101.
Sorry for the ranting today, but the forum seems to be filled with particularly stupid posts.