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You want help? Over-exaggerating and complaining in a forum isn’t really going to fix your issues.

To quote the A&H forums welcome page…

“PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer technical support from this forum. If you have a problem that you cannot find the answer to here please contact your Allen & Heath dealer or distributor or visit the Tech Support page at https://www.allen-heath.com/support

Got a problem? Talk to the rep who sold it to you. Talk to the iLive 24 hour support people. Talk to your local authorised repair centre. Get your R72 replaced or swapped under warranty. If you really don’t like it, return it and ask for your money back.

The reality is you might have just got a dud board. That’s life. Quality assurance in any manufacturing process doesn’t eliminate the odd dud, it just reduces the risk. Same thing happens with any piece of gear. If you want it fixed, take some meaningful action.

For the record, our T112 gets dragged around by kind-hearted volunteers, covered in dust & filth and hasn’t missed a beat since we bought it 14 months ago.

The only problem we’ve had was due to a faulty ethernet cable. How did we work that out? RTFM, tested everything, spoke to A&H people, followed advice, got it solved.

Sorry to get ticked off but having a sook here doesn’t get your issues solved.