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From dark freeze thread.
I was called by a customer tonight about a situation that occurred during a rehearsal.
The customer saved a scene and things looked odd. The scene list was changed or had reverted to an earlier list. So…..
The customer hit the help button for help. Touch screen went dark and the surface was locked. Mute buttons, talk back button etc. wouldn’t work. Audio throughput was maintained. The customer called me and I told him to hard reset and reload the show file.

Normal operation returned.

The Aviom system continued to pass audio, the d snake 2412 and 84 continued to pass audio.

I’m only guessing but….. I think the OS gacked due to a memory allocation issue or a software problem that ran it out of memory. It was working fine after reboot two hours later so it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue.

there is an old post of mine about it:
never happened again, though (but never seen an official answer by A&H too..)


This condition hasn’t happened since with over 40 hours of operation.