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To try and pin down the problem, has anyone had this happen while NOT recording to a flash drive? Is it exclusive to 8GB(and over?) drives or can it happen with all sizes?

I don’t fully understand it but I know that USB memory is more easily/cheaply/commonly available in “chunks” under a certain size. Larger “chunks” are available but are harder to come by / more expensive. Larger size flash drives can be created from smaller “chunks” by “bridging” them together. This “bridging” isn’t a problem on Windows or Mac, but the Linux OS doesn’t like it.

Allen and Heath to my knowledge recommend Sandisk or Kingston drives. I have two Kingston DT101’s which have given me no problems. I also know of other unbranded 8GB drives which work fine. I have seen a 32GB drive not even be recognized by the GLD. Presumably because a drive of that size has been made from one or more “bridged” “chunks”.

On the other hand, I may be totally off the mark… [:)]