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Thanks for the replies!

@ nicola: So this means after that firmware update for Dante I can have a single network cable run between surface and mixrack based on Dante audio transport inseatd of your proprietary ACE, right? Are there any drawbacks compared to ACE? Do I have to do the patching every time? Or will you maybe offer a standard routing for Dante comparable to the default ACE routing?
Also, would this work with a Dante card in an iDR16, 32, 48, 64?

My “dream” would be that A&H will drop ACE completely and go all in for Dante, even for T- and R series. Dante is everywhere, as it seems… Lab Gruppen PLM, Nexo NXAmps, Shure ULX-D wirelss microphones… the list grows and grows. Using Dante and ACE simultaneously offers no advantage, I think, only drawbacks…

@ millst: As far as I know the Dante card offers two network connectors which can be used to provide “lossless” redundancy. Isn’t this working