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The Roland M200i iPad app is now on the app store:

and here’s the Roland page:

Now, to be clear, I am still recommending iLive to my church groups.
I just wish A&H would fix a few key issues:
MixPad – overpriced, scene control, head amp control, patching control, Dual MixRack
Tweak – GUI is horrible, basic features are great, just horrible layout
Editor – again features are great, but the GUI is so ugly. It feels like something from the 90s
the way the windows open, close, resize and scroll is not user friendly or fast

Also nice to have on the MixPad app would be SMAART type tools.
Either using the iPad mic, or using an existing measurement accessory.
The RTA is useful for feedback, but not system tuning.
the iPad and iPhone apps like AudioTools or Signal Scope are incredible, if these sort of tools can be integrated into MixPad than a premium price is definitely justified.

Note: PreSonus has introduced some SMAART tools into it’s StudioLive editor software.

I am a little wary of piling all that code in the iPad ap and using it for other thing rather than mixing at the same time. If I want to run smaart I would rather have it running on a laptop.

Now I am with you on some kind of rudimentary scene control and patching for the iPad.

I also agree the editor needs a GUI overhaul. It needs to become multitouch capable as well so it works better with a touch screen computers.