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I didn’t expect that having control over the very low frequencies through the new EQ would make such a difference, but it has: not in boosting, but in cutting out the very lowest frequencies on the drum mix, which (I think) sends a more useful signal to the bass amps, by not trying to have the speakers move at 20Hz.

While I’m glad you like the new firmware like I do, I must say this particular thing raises some questions.
1. Why didn’t you just use the parametric EQs highpass on the drum group? Just set the lowest EQ band to locut/highpass, set it to the lowest frequency you want in that group and be done? this would have worked for a long long time. Cutting a wider range of adjacent frequencies (like 20, 25 and 31Hz) with a GEQ introduces by far heavier phase distortions than using the cut of the PEQs.
2. Why do your speakers move at all at 20Hz? Aren’t you using a highpass in the digital speaker management for your PA to protect it from mechanical stress? If not, you are wasting a lot of energy into frequency ranges that probably aren’t reproduceable by your PA.