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Remember that the A&H software (both editors and smartphone Apps) kills some of their own sales (surfaces and PL-ANET units).

Well, the PC editor is free and it is full-featured, while the iPad app comes at a high price for this kind of app (It seems all the competitors apps are free). I don’t think the MixApp can kill surface sales big time, but maybe PL devices sales, at least for “mobile” use (like giving each musician a PL device). OTOH you can “idiot proof” an installation with the PL devices, but not with the MixApp. So I guess it’s not that harmful (the free PC editor on a windows tablet PC would be more harmful, I think). It’s just my point of view, not a complaint about the price.


Having used Behringer digital mixers in the past, for 3rd parties I hasten to add, and seen them fail (something that’s never happened in my experience with A&H equipment)

To be honest, my first digital mixer was the Behringer DDX3216. It never had any problems, no hickups, no freezes, no nothing. The only reason I sold it was for reputations sake (I got an Yamaha 01v96 instead, big mistake…). I also have yet to hear about critical fails of a X32, in fact I hear only good things about the reliability. But it’s kind of a new product, so there is no way to tell about long term reliability yet. In addition to that, I once had a really bad problem with my T80/iDR32 system, which jammed an event. One of the worst things that can happen to a technical provider like me. My other system, T112/iDR48, never had any problems. So it’s not that easy, there is no “Behringer bad, A&H good”, it’s all gray…


make your feelings known (for example about the lack of editing for FX, which I agree with) and you can be sure that they’ll listen to their customers …

I thought, that’s what I’m doing here…


Behringer? Hmm – not so sure and I certainly don’t consider them to be a ‘professional’ level sound equipment manufacturer.

It doesn’t matter what you or I think about that. The question is: “Do they get the job done?” And it seems that way, as the customers seem to be pretty happy with the X32 (No, I surely won’t sell my iLives to get X32s! I know why I decided for iLive and I stand by that decision!). Also, the fact that you don’t see Behringer as a professional level equipment manufacturer makes it even worse: An amateur level equipment company offers features the professionals don’t offer (not to mention for free)? You see where I’m going? :)