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My friend up the road uses the 120m A&H cable with no worries at all, and never really uses much more than about 90ft of cable at a time.

I myself have just today ordered



But after much questioning of both these guys @ £312 and Thomann @ £210 (delivered) I have discovered after a 45 minute long call with a thomann techie and much digging aboutbn his part…. that actually the above cables each are of more of less identical specification.

Neither cable are shielded nor do they have a protective braid on the cable – only a thicker PVC outer. On these two cables there’s nothing really special about them seemingly other than this.

I will let you know what I make of these cables but intend on giving it a full on test.

But I needed it for this weekend for a gig and did not have about £800 for the A&H option I am afraid (though it is awesome with the braid in it), and Thomann did not have the 75m or 100m in stock, and seemingly have this afternoon removed them each from the website. They were on the thomann site this morning before I called.

I wonder have thomann priced the pro snake too cheaply for the longer lengths and removed them pending review.

If I see they go up again, I am going to order one, in fact when cash flow gets a bit better I might order a 50m one anyway as I have two desks under my wings as such and two Dante cards.

All fun and games eh boys!!

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