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Chris is right.

Get a USB key fired into the desk right, then make a recording vocally of your pastor, and even if you don’t feel that you get it right on the day, you always have a recording from USB, which when played back through the dedicated USB channel of the desk on the 4th layer (or wherever you it it)

You can tweak your settings a title more – and have a play “off line” with this material, giving by something more to play with, and o help aid your decision. Bear in mind that the recording will be two channel only so it’s best to do only for the vocal part to get you some material, but none the less – worth doing.

The GLD is a churches dream. As easy to use (almost) as a presonus studio live – but with a maaaaasive amount more capability and more industry standard expansion.

I am very happy with A&H gear, and I haven’t even used it in anger yet LOL!
First thing is this coming weekend.


A&H GLD80, AR2412 & Dante Card x 2
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