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We are ready to send back our 120 Meter rolls. Nothing but problems. QOS errors. Red lights on the rear LED network indicator. 150 foot cables work fine. Ethernet standards do not recommend stranded Ethernet cable for long runs (one reference: https://www.askturck.com/docs/TURCK-Ethernet-Cable-White-Paper.pdf). The Allen and Heath cable is stranded – yes a high quality stranded, but still stranded (Neatrik Etherflex). Soundcraft recommends a max of 80M and hey use the same make cable (Neutrik Etherflex) as A&H. Once you go higher they recommend CAT7 install cable.

Our experience is completely in line with what I read in the industry and what a main competitor recommends. The laws of physics are hard to overcome. We love the feel/look, but 120M just does not work reliably. We have two new reels of 120M and both cause occasional errors and even complete drop offs of an AR84 at times which is unacceptable. This has happened with the cable on the reel or extended out for hundreds of feet – in our house or at a gig.

We are looking at solid stranded cable which is less durable but handles longer distances due to its inherent electrical characteristics – possibly Rapco Duracat! Or we will go to the 80M A&H reel or Proplex.

Anyone using the 120M cable successfully with the GLD80?


GLD80, AR2412, 2xAR84, Dante