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Hi Mark – you cant make a mono/sub config as such but you could just use the L/R Sub set up and then use a mono matrix to feed your center speaker from an even mix of the main L/R busses. You will need the L/R busses to return stereo input effects to also but the mono matrix will effectively sum these to mono. Use the graphic EQ/processing on the mono matrix for your center speaker and bypass any processing on the L/R busses. Set your L/R faders to unity gain and then you can hide them from your surface altogether.
If you also set up a stereo matrix output you could use that for stereo recording use also.


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Would be my suggestion as well, you need to maintain stereo imaging for many of the FX to work properly, so just sampling the left or right channel could cause problems.

Another option, which I know is less than idea, would be to use an external crossover for the sub feed.

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