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I’ve found the best thing to do is to just spend time messing about with the console in a non important environment so that it doesn’t matter if something unexpected happens. How long can you keep it for before deciding?

There will be a learning curve with any console you choose really. What features do you need? I recently chose a GLD for our church and it’s working really well for us.

What I might do in your pastor wireless situation is to feed two channels (pastor 1 and pastor 2) from the same input socket (the receiver). This would let you have a separate channel for each pastor without even having to save or recall anything, just push up the appropriate fader. [;)]

The screen reference guide includes almost everything you would need to know. It’s only 44 pages and lots of that is images. This is absolutely a good place to ask questions, but the screen guide might be able to answer some of them a lot more quickly for you.