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I’ll take a look at libraries.

Yes, I have watched the videos and some of them multiple times. I have found the videos some what useful, but as you can tell still have many questions. We found a couple of YouTube videos that were helpful.

We are new to the digital world and are only demo’ing the board for 2 weeks. If we go with this board, I will be in charge of training my other techs. I have never touched another digital board, maybe this board is more intuitive than others. I need to make a recommendation as to whether we purchase this board – it’s not cheap and I’m trying to be a good steward with the church’s money.

I really don’t have time to dig through 100 page manuals and was told by our rep the best way to learn is just dig in. That’s what I’m trying.

Last note, I had the chance to checkout several boards at an expo in Chicago. We have respect for A&H and it was one of the front runners. Yamaha and SoundCraft were also attractive.

I appreciate your expertise and answers to my posts. Let me know if you think this is not the venue for my very basic types of questions. Maybe I should talk to my rep for some sort of training.

Rick Kohrs
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – West Campus
Verona, WI